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Benefits of buying land in Nairobi then building a home

Buying land in Kenya and building a home in Nairobi is not a simple undertaking. In Nairobi, land is highly priced considering factors such as proximity to the city center, accessibility and security as well as connection to water and power connection.

So, what are the benefits of buying a plot of land for sale in Nairobi?

Ability to get affordably priced property.

Buying into an already built plot of land could be more expensive considering the seller’s margins on the property for sale. Purchasing land and building in Nairobi however provides the ability to compare different property prices and get the most affordable. In Kamulu, for instance, most 50×100 plots of land cost KES. 1 Million, however, Mimosa Springs by Astoria Properties offer the same size of plots for sale at an affordable price of KES 560,000 only.

Ability to get desired location of land to build a home

Buying a ready built home in Nairobi might not be convenient considering limitations in location of property one considers prime. Buying land for sale in Nairobi therefore offers the homeowners the opportunity to get the best possible locations in Nairobi for them to build a home. Locations such as Kamulu – Joska, Kitengela, Ruaka, to mention a few offer strategic locations that offer investors security and convenience.

Flexibility of customizing a desired home

Homeownership is a long-term undertaking. One builds a home they’d stay in for the rest of their lives, or sell to another family to live in. This notwithstanding, the homeowner wants the ability to customize designs of their desired home. This might not be possible with already built up areas. Homes for sale around Nairobi may mean compromising on size, price and other comforts, but building a home means a seat at the table when deciding the architecture of your dream home.

Buying land in Nairobi then building a home provides a homeowner an influential role in determining the look and feel of their dream home. Access well priced plots of land for sale at Mimosa Springs in Kamulu – Joska and reduce your home ownership costs while maximizing on comfort and convenience.

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