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Why Mimosa Springs plots in Kamulu offers a perfect location for your dream home

Mimosa Springs is a real estate project in Kamulu – Joska by Astoria Properties Limited that comprises 100 plots of land each partitioned into 50x100plots. The project is a one of a kind opportunity for homeowners to get started on their homeownership journey at an affordable price just a heartbeat away from Kenya’s capital, Nairobi…

Why Mimosa Properties?

The project has taken into account all essential and luxury considerations associated with home ownership. Here’s a couple of essential considerations that make Mimosa Springs in Kamulu – Joska a prime property for discerning homeowners:

  1. Proximity to Nairobi CBD – Located 37KM from Nairobi City, Mimosa Springs provide home buyers with the convenience of living and working withing the Nairobi Metropolitan region. The land for sale is barely 30 minutes’ drive from town. This makes it ideal for families with school going children as well.
  2. Reliable security – Mimosa Springs is located 2KM from the Joska Police Post, ensuring residents of the property enjoy adequate round the clock security. The area is also classified as a UN Blue zone, making it ideal for expatriates to buy property and live in the locality. The area is also built up with secure neighborhoods enjoying 24 hour security from reputable security firms.
  3. Accessibility from main road – Mimosa Springs is a prime property in Nairobi by all measures, particularly accessibility. The property is just 4KM from Kangundo Road. The property is also easily accessed by the network of all-weather road within and around it.
  4. Water & electricity connection – Who doesn’t want a hassle-free property upon purchase? Water and electricity are essential to a comfortable stay in Nairobi. Astoria Properties doesn’t take this to chance, ensuring the homebuyers at Mimosa Springs are well placed to tap into existing electricity and water connection.
  5. Expedited title deed – Within 14 days, Astoria Properties ensures all land buyers at Mimosa Springs get full ownership of their property within a fortnight. This is subject to completing the payment and is therefore deal sweetener for cash buyers. If you have taken the option of a payment plan, then you can be certain to have your title deed with you as soon as your final payment goes through.

Are you looking to buy prime plots for less in the Nairobi Metropolitan area? Get in touch with us by sending an email to or calling us on 0753 10 10 10 and get started in owning your piece of home.

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