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Essential considerations when buying land in Nairobi

What do you consider when buying land to settle within the Nairobi Metropolitan region?

You have probably seen Plots of FOR SALE signs whenever you are visiting the outskirts of Nairobi shopping for that perfect parcel of land to call home, raise your family and retire to. Well, if you have, then your experience has either been as seamless as I have mentioned or not so smooth.

Well, here are 5 considerations when buying a plot of land in Nairobi:

  1. Location – Does the plot of land you intend to purchase in Nairobi offer close proximity to essential services such as a hospital, schools if you have a family? How convenient is it to say your place of work or other valuable recreational areas?

Remember, just because you are buying your own land doesn’t mean you will be cut out from the rest of the world; hence location is key when choosing land in Nairobi.

2. Accessibility – Infrastructure is another key consideration when buying land in Nairobi. From good road networks to ample water supply, electricity connection to the national grid…your dream home could become a nightmare without these essential considerations.

Access roads ensure you can easily transport construction material to site if you intend to further develop the land. When the plot you buy in Nairobi becomes a home, then it sure needs to offer the ease of movement, particularly in emergency situations.

3. Security – In our pursuit of comfort, security comes first. No matter how prime a location is if it is prone with instances of insecurity them it suddenly becomes less prime and ‘a must-avoid-location’ by all means. Whether the plot of land you have bought in Nairobi is for family or business, security ensures stability and the peace of mind associated with a place we all want to call home.

4. Social Amenities – As earlier noted, no man is an island, and more so when we are choosing a location to call home for the unforeseen future. If you have a young family, then playgrounds certainly become important in your choice for a home. And so does malls and other shopping facilities. If you are a subscribed gym member, then one closer to home makes that home a dream home. Social clubs and parks are just the icings on the cake.

5. The Realtor – The individual or entity overseeing the transaction is your final hurdle towards making your dream home a reality. Take your time to verify their ownership of the plot for sale, involve a surveyor to verify the land size and your lawyer to scrutinize the deal before putting pen to paper and transferring money to the realtor. You cannot be too careful undertaking land transactions in Nairobi.

Whereas you may not need all the listed considerations to be happy, you definitely need the tips to select a place that offers almost all, if not all of them. Take your time, conduct due diligence to ensure you are buying a property that is worth everything you are paying for and more.

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